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Stay in shape with a runners speed and distance Timex GPS watch

By Robert B.

Have you ever gone for a jog and wondered "How far have I ran?" Well, among the die-hard runners of us, that is certainly a question that comes to mind.

Today, technology has gave birth to devices that can do just that. With a speed and distance Timex GPS watch, you can use satellites to track your every move.

In addition, other products from Garmin and Casio utilize the Global Positioning System to give benefits to runners and joggers.

These other good and popular watches include the Garmin Forerunner 101 & Foretrex 101 and the Casio Pathfinder & Suunto. Currently, these running watches do not require any type of subscription, simply open the box, put them on, and start running!

So, what are some of the fitness benefits of using a GPS jogger's watch?

  • Distance - The primary feature of a runners GPS watch is to track your total distance ran, either during a single run or a series of exercises. These are very accurate and can even be paused while taking a break.

  • Speed - You can easily retrieve your current speed, average speed, and even compare the two to see how you're doing.

  • Vitals - For the even more health conscious consumers, some of these fitness watches can give you instant access to your blood pressure and heart rate, which is essential to avoid overworking your heart.

  • Location - Another safety feature is these watches can be used to notify the authorities or EMS if you happen to be lost or injured on a remote trail.

In addition, watches such as the Garmin Forerunner 201 can store up to 3 years of your exercise data, allowing you to pitch that workout notebook for good.

Stylish GPS Watches for Kids

Perhaps even more significant for GPS watches is the ability to locate missing children. GPS kid watches appear to be a normal child's watch, but have technology to allow them to communicate with GPS satellites and cell phone radio waves. Companies such as Wherify have developed GPS tracking for kids to help the authorities in case a child is lost, or even worse, abducted.

With instant access to digital maps, you can use your computer to instantly pull up the location of your child if they have gone missing. For about a $19 a month subscription, you can't go wrong with these tracking devices. Can you really put a price tag on your child's life?

Regardless of your use, GPS watches have the potential to help save lives. Through promoting physical fitness and tracking children, families can rest easy that their loved ones will be healthy and safe for years to come.

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