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A GPS tracking system can keep track of your loved ones and prized posessions

By Robert B.

No one wants to experience the feeling of having a car stolen, let alone have a child go missing. GPS tracking devices put your mind at ease by allowing you to track anything you choose, as long as it has a proper receiver attached to it.

And being hidden is essential to a good tracking system! What is the point if a thief can easily disable your GPS vehicle tracker? Or how likely is your child willing to be tracked with an unattractive locator device?

These are all questions that must be considered before making any purchase.

GPS Tracking for Kids

While building this technology into cars is a welcomed addition by most people, tracking of kids is not. The question that often arises is whether this constitutes invasion of privacy. Many parents will tell you they're comfortable tracking their child, while others object to it. Ultimately, you'll have to make your own decision.

If you're more than comfortable keeping tabs on your children in cases of emergency, there are many options available to you.

  • GPS kid watches - Companies such as Wherify produce watches that parents can track on a digital map using the Internet. The watches appear to be a regular child's watch, expect a little bulkier, and can even be locked on. Wherify charges a monthly fee for the service, a very modest amount for the safety of your children.

  • Teenagers & cell phones - For older children that would object to wearing a watch with tracking built in, a GPS enabled cellular phone may be a better solution. Parents could bargain a trade off buy purchasing the phone for their teen only if it as GPS technology built in. This is also useful in locating your child if they make an emergency call with their phone.

GPS Pet Locator

For the pet lovers in us, there is a great way to keep track of Rover or your feline without worrying day & night. It's easy to track your dog, cat, or other animal with a collar that acts as a GPS receiver.

Simply attach the collar to them and you're good to go!

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Whether you want to keep track of an entire fleet of cars, or just simply your own automobile, GPS auto tracking can certainly help. The most common use of one of these devices is to track a vehicle in case it is lost or stolen. This technology greatly increases the chances that your vehicle will be safely recovered.

But the features don't end there. Other possible uses include:

  • Directions - Get instant access to directions and maps to your destination, with turn-by-turn directions and voice commands.

  • Speed - Track your average speed to estimate your time of arrival at your destination, or make sure you're under the speed limit.

  • Distance - Get a second opinion to your odometer by tracking your total distance and/or distance per trip recorded in your receiver.

Keep "track" of your life

Companies such as Garmin, Magellan, and Rayming make GPS trackers to simply your life. Knowing that your child, pet, and vehicle can be located anywhere on the planet is very reassuring, especially in a time of crisis when one goes missing.

And ever improving technology allows GPS receivers to become smaller and less noticeable, making them easier to hide in a vehicle or be inconspicuous on a child. Which ever brand or model you select, you'll have the comfort of knowing that locating almost anything is just a few keystrokes away.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions
Track any vehicle in real-time or log their location passively to view later.


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