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Get your facts straight: Use GPS reviews for handhelds and navigation systems

By Robert B.

Before you ever purchase a GPS handheld or car navigation system, you should definitely read many GPS reviews. Happy and disgruntled customers alike post reviews of every major GPS navigator, from Garmin to Magellan.

But unfortunately, not every review is alike, so how can you tell the difference between the golden nuggets and garbage out there?

It's simple, only if you know how:

First, does the reviewer appear to be associated directly with the GPS manufacturers? Any article directly from companies such as Magellan, Garmin, Navman, etc. should be read with skepticism that the device is purposely getting a good review.

Does the article contain both positive and negative comments? No device is perfect, and any sensible article should include some negatives a device may have.

In addition to using those questions to judge the validity of an article, you should also have some more questions in mind before ever reading an article:

What type of GPS device you want?

This would determine whether you're looking for car navigation systems, laptop, or handheld gps reviews. More and more devices are incorporating Global Positioning Systems technology, so it's essential that you know the proper use.

And don't confuse tracking devices with navigation devices. Tracking receivers are generally hidden in a vehicle or watch, to track something or someone with no visible display or functionality. Navigation devices commonly used in cars or while hiking in the woods so that you never get lost.

What surroundings will it be used in?

A GPS receiver used while hunting will certainly need to meet very different requirements than one used for in-car navigation and directions. This includes both the breadth of functions and durability of the locator.

For example, you'd desire a portable device for hunting that can withstand accidental drops on the ground, without becoming damaged or scratched. Features such as the location of gas stations would not serve this device much use!

With many different specialty devices available for you the consumer, it makes more sense to get a device that has only the features you need. Why pay extra for features you'll never use?

Other small features to consider in a product include:

  • Battery life between charges
  • Battery charging time
  • Ease to upgrade roadmaps
  • Size of the device.

The questions posed above are only a few of the items you could be considering. Everything from bluetooth capabilities to the CoPilot program could be considered, but they mean nothing if you don't need them.

While selecting the perfect GPS device for your lifestyle is no easy task, but reading GPS reviews certainly can only help!

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