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The cheapest GPS receivers can simplify your life

By Robert B.

Whether you're a road warrior, or an avid fisherman, the technology known as the Global Positioning System ( or GPS for short) is making life easier.

While there are a variety of models and styles to be found, generally the cheapest GPS receivers perform just as well as the more expensive models.

After all, they all use the same satellites for data!

If you haven't noticed, there are many styles of personal GPS systems available to you. Everything from handheld gps units to motorcycle gps systems offer plenty of help while on the road or out hiking in the woods.

Here is a brief rundown of the variety of styles & types of receivers available:

Cars & other vehicles

By far, the most common use of this technology is in an automobile GPS navigation system. These are simple to attach to your car, motorcycle, and even ATV. Integrating this technology into your car allows for instant directions to any location.

In addition, special features such as voice enabled directions and re-rerouting after missing a turn make these devices even safer so you can concentrate on the road.

A great security feature that is offered by these is GPS vehicle tracking. By having this locator in your car, it is easy for the authorities to locate your car if it has been stolen or you happen to be injured and or lost in it.


Marine GPS units make it simple to track your location and destination while out on the seven seas. Not only do these provide directions that are relevant on the water, but the high-end models also have many additional features.

These extra features often include radar, sonar, and fish finders, making these units necessities for that next fishing trip!


Even pilots get a good use out of these devices. Properly navigating in the sky is important, and an aviation GPS receiver can certainly display maps of upcoming hazards in your line of flight.


Hikers, hunters, and even vacationers love handheld GPS units. These are often the size of a large cell phone and offer all of the tools a traditional receiver has. The best thing about these is they can be customized to fit your situation.

For example, hikers can download topographic maps to outline that next peak, while golfers can track their location on the course.

All Others

Let's not neglect all of the other items in which Global Positioning Systems have been integrated. These range from everything to cell phones, laptops / PDAs, to even watches for those who like to run.

As you can easily see, there is a different "flavor" of GPS locators for everyone, from the traveling business person to the student on a budget. Besides directions and locations, these devices also offer piece of mind.

  • They simplify your life by providing instant access to directions when the man of the family won't ask!

  • Keep you and your loved ones safe with this technology. You have the ability to track anyone who has a receiver such as a child wearing a Wherify GPS enabled watch, to a spouse or other relative.

Most of these devices require no subscription or ongoing fee to function properly. And give special attention to the cheapest GPS receivers as they provide the most "bang for your buck. Honestly, you would be foolish not to try one out and see just how much they make your life easier.

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