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By Robert B.

If you're in the market for anything GPS, you are probably well aware of the diversity of products available to you. GPS receiver manufacturers clutter the store shelves with GPS this and GPS that, but are they all really necessary?

And what compels companies such as Garmin and Magellan to do this?

Manufacturers constantly want to attract new users, which is why they continually customize their products to suit different people.

As a result, today you can buy a GPS handheld for any use; everything from hiking to boating and flying have a specialized Global Positioning System device.

For example, while hiking you can plot your exact location on a topographic map so you can avoid that next valley or peak. And while driving you can get dynamic maps with roads, restaurant locations, and even gas stations.

It's apparent that a "one size fits all" GPS receiver would either have entirely too many or too little features to make it easy to use.

Competition is Good!

Competition not only puts diverse products in your hands, but it makes them better quality and more affordable. When various companies such as Garmin & Magellan compete for your business, the consumers will always be the winners. As soon as a company neglects quality or charges an outrageous price, the result is simple: they'll go out of business.

Also, as a result of competition, customer service and product warranties improve because the manufacturers want to keep your business.

Buy from the best....

As with any industry, a few companies emerge as the 'best of the best.' Here is a brief run down of who's who in the GPS handhelds and navigation systems market.
  • Garmin - Probably the most well known GPS company. They currently develop technology for use in aviation, automotive, and marine environments. Garmin dedicates itself to developing quality products at affordable prices.

  • Magellan - Developer of the first consumer GPS device in 1989. One of the world's leaders in positioning, guidance, and navigation equipment. Currently markets everything from entry level GPS handhelds to premium car GPS navigation systems.

  • Rayming - Offers state-of-the-art vehicle data logging and tracking. Their technology allows you to easily trace the traveled routes on maps on the Internet. These GPS tracking systems are excellent for real time fleet management.

  • Navman - Leading manufacturer of excellent marine electronics and Global Positioning Systems. Works closely with Palm Inc. and Compaq to develop GPS hardware and applications for PDAs and other handheld devices.

The companies above are just a slice of the innovators in the field of Global Positioning Systems. In addition, you can view our complete list of GPS receiver manufacturers(link) for the rundown on every major company.

GPS Manufacturers

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Excellent variety of every Garmin GPS device and plenty of accessories to boot.

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All types of Magellan GPS receivers, from getting directions to tracking cars.

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All types of GPS receivers, from all types of manufacturers such as Navman and TomTom, plus many more.


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